Civil War and Slavery

The American Civil War was one of the most defining events in our country’s past. It changed the course of history so that we have become the greatest and freest nation on earth.

Slavery was also a large block of our history. Many today can’t understand how such a merciless institution could have existed in this country. But it not only existed, it helped develop our country into what it is today.

African-Americans in bondage scraped out a life in the worst of conditions. They created a culture from the hardest of hardships. This is a history we must never forget. I could not imagine the life of waking up each morning knowing I belonged to another man, no matter how I was treated.  In “Chase The Wild Pigeons” I use dialect, and words that are offensive to people today of all races. However, in 1863 this was everyday life, no matter if it was offensive or not. I researched extensively slave narratives, diaries, and letters. I desired to put the reader right there in that slice of time. Please know this was my only intention.

History is concrete–we cannot change it; it only happened the way it happened. However, the record left behind may not always be the absolute truth. “Chase The Wild Pigeons” was born from my research and my love of history. I hope my characters and my story live in the truth.

Best wishes,

John J. Gschwend Jr.

You will laugh. You will cry. You will be forever moved by John Gschwend’s latest novel, Chase The Wild Pigeons In this intense story you will experience the desperate Confederate South as it really was. You will feel the Civil War.




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