They live in my story

They Are No More
These species “live” in this story

American Chestnut

It has been estimated the American Chestnut tree once numbered over 3 billion. It was an important tree in the eastern forests of North America. It could reach over 150 feet tall and 10 feet in diameter, and it was prized for its tasty nuts and the rot-resistant wood. Twenty-five percent of all trees in the Appalachian Mountains were American Chestnut trees. In the early 1900’s a blight swept through the forests of the East, and now there are few large chestnut trees left there, mostly shoots and saplings that struggle before the blight finally extinguishes them. The great chestnut forest exists no more.

Carolina Parakeet.

The Carolina Parakeet lived in the forests of Eastern United States. The beautiful bird was mostly green with a yellow head and orange cheeks. The noisy emerald flocks sometimes raided agricultural fruits and grains. This, along with man’s destruction of its native forests, may have been its undoing. It was considered extinct by the 1930’s. These beautiful birds could once be seen in vast, colorful flocks, but now they are no more.

Passenger Pigeon

In the 1800’s it is estimated to have been over 4 billion passenger pigeons—some say 5 billion. By these estimates, forty percent of all the birds at that time in North America were passenger pigeons, perhaps the most numerous bird to ever exist on earth. They were hunted relentlessly, and their habitat was destroyed for man’s use. There are locations all over Eastern America named for these birds: Pigeon Forge, Pigeon Roost, Little Pigeon River. People of that time would have never believed the bird would someday be absent from the sky. Many today don’t know they even existed. The last birds died in the early 1900’s. Martha was the last passenger pigeon in captivity to die. She passed away at the Cincinnati Zoo in 1914. They once blackened the sky like dark clouds—now they are no more.

These species are now endangered or instinct, but they are very much alive in the novel, Chase The Wild Pigeons.

You will laugh. You will cry. You will be forever moved by John Gschwend’s latest novel, Chase The Wild Pigeons. In this intense story you will experience the desperate Confederate South as it really was. You will travel with two boys through a country torn by war, but as only boys can do, they turn the journey into an adventure of a lifetime.





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