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New Novel Just Released!

John Gschwend’s latest novel, Spirit In The Red Amber, has just been released for, Barnes and Noble, Apple, Kobo, and Smashwords. Get it here in paperback.

An exciting new historical novel about an American Indian. A great story for all ages.

A warrior and his Quapaw tribe were forced from their homeland in 1830s. Many years later in 1862, with the American Civil War raging, this aging warrior reappears–alone–on his native soil of Arkansas. He is back on a quest to recover a sacred object he was forced to leave behind all those years ago. On his mission he encounters a runaway fifteen-year-old white boy, but unknown to the boy, the encounter is more than a mere coincidence.

The boy, Johnny, fears for his life as the warrior forces him to join him on the journey. Later he comes to realize if the warrior fulfills his quest, there is power in the ancient object that will change the world forever.


“John Gschwend Jr. is a storyteller. He captures your attention immediately – page one — and he has your attention until the last word. I liked the way he incorporated some of the Quapaw language throughout the story, made the story seem more authentic. The reader knows this author is a nature lover who has spent a lifetime in the woods. His descriptions of flora and fauna are beautifully and accurately written by someone who cherishes God’s creatures and their habitats. The author also has a heart for those who have been mistreated. In this book he has great compassion for the American Indian. John Gillette – a strong name and a strong multidimensional character- takes us on an exciting adventure during the Civil War in Southeast Arkansas along the White River and on the prairie.” Review by Edwynne at

 “I enjoyed how John painted the picture so clearly that I could imagine the White River, St. Charles and the other towns mentioned. I read the book in one day, I couldn’t put it down. I loved his imagination.  I look forward to reading his other books.” Review by Beth Stutzman at



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