The Red Pond At Shiloh: A short story

The two day battle at Shiloh was the most costly fight of the Civil War up to that point. The fighting was brutal. Casualties on the Confederate side alone were well over 10,000. As darkness settled over the battlefield, rain soaked the wounded and dead on the bloody killing ground. The wounded were there alone, miserable, and scared. Frank Barlow was one of them.  This is his story.

Enter this tale and feel the terror and misery as he comes to terms with his horrible situation. You will be there with him. You will smell the gunpowder.

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About 2250 words


“Tightly written and atmospheric, The Red Pond at Shiloh ticks all the boxes for a good short story. Compact in scope, it’s nicely paced and just the right length with an easy, flowing style and nice descriptive touches. Gschwend Jr has a good ear for narrative and a measured tone, avoiding the pitfalls of excess that could so easily accompany the battle scene. The twist at the end is soft and totally in keeping with the story. Formatting is fine. A nice effort worth a few minutes of your time.”   M. White Obyod Press at Amazon UK

“What I liked: Gschwend uses a compelling prose that paints each scene on the canvass for the reader, engaging the senses in sight, smell, sound, and emotion. Though short, the reader is placed immediately into the action. He also draws deep into the emotion of agony and regret when a soldier faces his mortality. The reader is drawn into bouts of fancy and delirium as sufferers on the field. What I wanted: As a history buff, I wanted more detail and more drama in the protagonist’s experience on the field during the fighting, but the short story is just that, short! Not a bad short and enough to wet the whistle on Gschwend’s ability as a story teller to draw in his reader. This is a recommended read for its portrayal of the realities of soldiering in the civil war after a battle is over and the cost that was paid.” Phil Bryant at

You will laugh. You will cry. You will be forever moved by John Gschwend’s latest novel, Chase The Wild PigeonsIn this intense story you will experience the desperate Confederate South as it really was. You will relive the Civil War as you follow these boys on an adventure of a lifetime.

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